When I was growing up, I lived a very creative life. From the way I dressed and spoke up to the activities I engaged in, I overflowed with all kinds of art: I sketched gowns, wrote songs and essays, passed the time by participating in choir groups and theatrical plays, and even joined public speaking contests.

I had long thought of pursuing a profession in the creative arts, however, the realities of life called for me to pick a more practical path. And so I landed in the corporate world in my twenties and thought of switching off my right brain for good, in favor of employee events, reports in Excel and business meetings.

Then I turned thirty in 2020, and realized it had been ten (10) years since I set out to be a Human Resources Practitioner. It was a tough road, doing work that I felt was outside of my comfort zone, but I was learning so much and earning a decent living.

Enmeshed within those years was my small effort of having a creative outlet for myself, since my day job was a big departure from the flowery words I was used to setting aflame within me. I put up The Lilac Review on Instagram, a tiny space for me to explore my long-standing interest in writing about a lovely topic, food and eating out. It has been in existence since July 2016, and I often took breaks in between to focus on other aspects of my life (becoming a better HR person and also dating), sometimes trying to figure out how in the world could I work on other areas of interest when I had positioned The Lilac Review to be all about Marikina City-based food businesses!

Then I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about creativity on Marie Forleo TV, eventually picking up her book, "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear", and I realized that I was the ONLY ONE limiting myself.


With the changes brought by the pandemic, I was redundated from my job, but have been blessed with some centavos to spare, enough for me to try and do something creative while waiting for the next best day job to take. Finally, after first conceiving the idea of my own website in 2015, with a few attempts in between only for my motivation to fail, behold: my humble space in the world wide web, The Lilac Life, where I write about different lifestyle topics that concern intelligent female millennials.


I'm not the smartest woman in the room, but I sure am gutsy enough to start hitting "publish" on every single post here and on my Instragram page. 

Here's what to expect from The Lilac Review:
1. All posts are ORIGINAL pieces of writing, all by yours truly. #NoToPlagiarism
2. All articles are well-written, with words sewn together in my own unique voice. I'm not comfortable in front of the camera just yet, but my close friends can attest that the way I write is the same as how I speak in person.
3. Posts are not sponsored, unless declared. As much as I can, I prefer to write about things, experiences, etc. that I pay for myself. In fact, nearly all of my food and non-food reviews on The Lilac Review are not sponsored, which is why I love them all. 
4. Readers can comment on articles AND suggest topics for future articles! As I want this to be a conversation with intelligent, female millennials, the best route to take is to gain inputs from you.


And that's about it folks. Welcome to the blog and I hope you find something informative and useful in your visit.


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